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Welcome to the world of MyGreenWindow. We're a startup venture from Berlin who are making vertical planting an affordable option for everyone.

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We're driven by a desire to bring the benefits of indoor greenery to urban homes. To do this, we have developed a system which fulfills three key criteria:


Vertical planting is currently an expensive status symbol which is not economically viable for the vast majority of people. We're changing that.


Our system can be assembled in a matter of minutes and the installation is as simple as hanging a picture frame. No specialist skills are needed, and once installed the system will care for plants with almost no external input.


By keeping our supply lines short and basing production in Europe, we reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing process. This additionally ensures that components are produced in areas where workers rights are respected.


Back in 2019 James Whitehead was doing the field work for his PhD in urban soil ecology in Berlin. Berlin is a very green city, but James was still struck by how grey the most densely populated locations could be. The benefits of greenery were missing from where it was most needed. From this observation, MyGreenWindow was born.



Dr. James Whitehead

Founder and executive lead

James developed the initial concept for MyGreenWindow whilst carrying out field work for his PhD in urban soil ecology. James is a Brit who has been based in Berlin since 2018, before which he studied Plant Science at Lund University, Sweden.


Maximilian Jacobi

Technical support

Max studied horticultural phytotechnology at the Hochschule für Technik in Berlin. He later worked in the seedling industry. From his childhood he has been fascinated by plants, and brings a substantial amount of horticultural know-how to MyGreenWindow.


Ayesha Siddiqa

Product support

Ayesha is an industrial product designer who is adept at graphic design. She joined the team originally as an intern, during this period she developed MyGreenWindow's brand identity and logo. She is now instrumental in the product development of MyGreenWindow.


Lien Nguyen

Intern - Animation

Lien is working on an animation which, when finished, will be used to massively increase MyGreenWindow's reach.


MyGreenWindow is also supported by an ecosystem of helpers. Physical engineer Alexander Schmidt helped us develop the initial frame prototype, and we also receive business mentoring from Profund Innovation, Freie Universität Berlin, where we are incubated. We also use a prototyping workshop at The Centre for Entrepreneurship, Technisches Universität Berlin


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